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Job Title

Account Officer

Job Location


Job Description

-Establish accounting practices and procedures to ensure due process in accounting processes
-Put in place cost-control measures to discourage wastage of company assets, equipment, materials and tools.
-Report monthly: the company’s income and expenditure status.
-Ensure prompt monthly payments and returns are made to the appropriate statutory organs e.g. Workmen Compensation Insurance Scheme, D.P.R., P.A.Y.E., V.A.T., RSA (Pension) etc.; and utilities payments to ensure uninterrupted internet, telephone and power services
-Obtain & file monthly company bank transaction statements & confirm against internally recorded transactions
-Manage account stationery ensuring supply of needed items (e.g. receipt, invoice of every work booklets etc.) & apply for new cheque booklets when necessary.
-Disburse payments in cheque and cashes to 3rd party contractors/suppliers on Thursdays, and liaise with team leaders and department head in the purchase of tools and materials for contract execution as the case may be.
-Prepare payroll (reflecting necessary deductions (e.g. P.A.Y.E) or additions (e.g. Bonus, Vacation Allowance) and ensure 100% accuracy before sending it in for management approval by the 25th of the month.
-Recommend for management approval and ensure to conclusion by the business year end, a firm to audit the company’s account
-Participate in preparation of Pre-qualification and Commercial bids for opportunities published in the dailies, internet or other notification.


-Resides in Port-Harcourt
-Proficient in the use of Peachtree, SAGE and other accounting software
-At least one year working experience as an accounter
-Not younger than 25 years old.

Application Deadline

1st March, 2019.

How to Apply

Interested and qualified candidates should write a 1000 words essay ONLY on “How you will contribute to the growth of the organisation as an Account Officer” should you be employed. Essays should be sent to: jobs@irw.ng


ONLY shortlisted candidates will be contacted.


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