Graduate Engineer at QuantumX Energy Limited

About the Company

QuantumX is a solar energy solutions provider with a mission of offering quality installation of solar energy systems, excellent prices, professional design engineering and complete customer orientation.

Job Title

Technician/Graduate Engineer

Job Location



-Candidate must have a minimum of HND, B.Tech or B.Sc
-Candidate must be smart and able to take initiative
-Dedication to work and commitment to service delivery
-Analytical ability and keen to problem solving through Engineering process
-Good IT proficiency; Interest in Hardware and software Programming
-Knowledge of basics of Electrical/ Electronics Design, Technical experience will be an added advantage
-Understanding of Electrical/ Electronics diagrams and use of CAD
-Put together electrical and electronic systems and prototypes
-Build, calibrate, and repair electrical instruments or testing equipment
-Visit construction sites to observe conditions affecting design
-Identify solutions to technical design problems that arise during construction of electrical systems
-Inspect designs for quality control, report findings, and make recommendations
-Draw diagrams and write specifications to clarify design details of experimental electronics units

Application Deadline

15th March 2019.

How to Apply

Interested and qualified candidates should send their CV to: bunmi@quantumx.energy


Proximity to Alaba is highly considered


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