National Graduate Volunteer – IMA4P at Voluntary Service Overseas (VSO)

About the Company

Voluntary Service Overseas (VSO) is the world’s leading international development organization whose vision is “A World without poverty”. Our approach to fighting poverty is through the lasting power of volunteering. VSO currently works in 24 countries across Africa, Asia and The Pacific.

Job Title

National Graduate Volunteer for Improving Market Access for the Poor (IMA4P)

Job Location



1 year

Start date


Type of role

Agriculture and natural resources

Job Purpose

The goal of this role is to increase income and income security for the poor and marginalized through more equitable participation in value chains.
You will be part of the implementation of the integrated livelihoods V4D grants through changes in selected value chains and training in Agriculture Extension Services with focus on value chain crops such as Cowpea, groundnut, millets and maize.


The Job holder is saddle with the following responsibilities:
-Provide best practice agronomy training to farmers and farmer cooperatives
-Contribute to the promotion of extension reforms and capacity development for partners with special attention to market-orientated, and participatory approaches that meet the diverse needs of smallholders and rural people, especially women and marginal groups.
-Formulate and implement training that strengthen agricultural/rural extension and provide technical assistance in capacity development of agriculture innovation systems.
-Prepare advocacy materials and documents to support the strengthening of agriculture innovation systems and support services.
-Provide support in the organization and delivery of technical workshops, consultations, seminars and training sessions on conceptual and practical aspects of extension and rural knowledge institution improvements.
-Contribute to the preparation of studies, position papers and conceptual frameworks that strengthen extension systems and agriculture innovation systems.
-Maintain networks of collaboration with technical specialists.
-Perform other related duties as required.

Key Performance Indicators

The Key performance indicators of this placement are that:
-Target beneficiaries are able to sustain their livelihoods and the livelihoods of their families. This includes managing their own businesses, supply their produce to the markets and are always able to meet the market demands by having adequate produce for identified markets.
Below includes number indicators:
-Number of beneficiaries who have increased produce for the markets as a result of agriculture extension support and trainings received.
-Number of beneficiaries who have increased their income and have businesses as a result of training and support received.
-Number of beneficiaries able to reach the market demands through supplies of their produce.
-Number of beneficiaries supported/reached.
-Number of linkages along the value chain crops and value chain markets identified.&

Requirements, Skills & Knowledge

-Thinking clearly, deeply and broadly.
-Practicing innovation & change.
-Practicing gender & cultural diversity.
-Strong skills for relating and working with men and women, boys and girls.
-Ability to take initiatives, team player who is able to work with minimum supervision
-Familiar with current livelihoods sector programming.
-Knowledge on good agronomic practices and agro-based enterprises.
-Good oral and written communication skills
-Ability to speak fluent Hausa and have experience living and working in Northern Nigeria.
-Ability to build effective working relationships, inspiring confidence and credibility with employees at all levels. -Strong influencer of others. Ability to work effectively across a globally dispersed organization.
-Excellent coordination and planning skills with experience of working under pressure.
-Time management skills
-Ability to manage a project in a climate of change, recognizing and being open to ambiguity, uncertainty and opportunities.
-A Bachelor’s degree in Agriculture or related field.
-Commitment to VSO’s work and values.
-Building and Sustaining working relationships
-The social skills to build and actively maintain working relationships that foster teamwork and collaboration with others for the benefit of a common goal.
-Open Minded and Respectful: A non-judgmental approach that values other people and culture.
-Seeking and Sharing Knowledge: Recognition that learning is a two way and continuous process.
-Facilitating Positive Change: The ability to analyze problems and develop lasting solutions in line with VSO approaches.
-Adaptability: A flexible approach and the ability to adapt behavior to different situations.
-Resilience: The self-confidence to work with a variety of situations, diverse people and ambiguity.
-Allowance – As a VSO volunteer you will work on an ad hoc basis, performing activities for VSO / your community during your free time. Expenses you incur while volunteering for VSO are reimbursed (be more specific if applicable).
-Accommodation – If you are not able to work from your own home, VSO will provide basic accommodation (including utilities).

Application Deadline

26th March, 2019.

Interview Date

30th March, 2019.

How to Apply

Interested and qualified candidates should:
Click here to apply online

Click Here to Download Job Description (MS Word)


Due to the nature of our volunteer placements, it is possible that the above responsibilities of this role may differ in reality and therefore the post holder will need to be prepared to be flexible and adapt to their environment as necessary.
Objectives will be confirmed in a three way discussion between the volunteer, employer and VSO in the first three months of the placement.


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