Why you may not get that job

A lot of graduates say there are no jobs in Nigeria for them!!! But guess what? That is not true. There are tons of jobs.

What then is the matter?

The truth is that a lot of graduates do not understand what it takes to get a job. Getting a graduate-level job would involve at least one of the following

– Submitting a CV, Cover Letter or filling an online application.
– Sitting for a recruitment test (sometimes 2 stages of tests).
– Sitting for an interview (sometimes 2 stages of interviews)

Here lies the competitive nature. Some job openings, say for a Graduate Trainee Programme, could receive as much as 50,000 applications for maybe 50 slots that they need to fill.

That means, for every 1,000 candidates that apply, they would only pick 1 and drop 999. Did I hear you say wow?

The selection process, involving stages of testing and interviews, and then other stages, does the trimming down of candidates.

So you can see. Getting a job as a graduate is very, very competitive!!!

Such graduate must be smart and well prepared to pass recruitment test.

For some companies, selection is based on things like quality of resume, cover letter, performance at interviews, and other “little things”.

Little things such as saving one’s CV/resume as “My CV”, “Latest CV” or not attaching cover letter could disqualify one.

So in a nutshell, what stands a graduate out in seeking a job are the following;

1. Ability to pass graduate recruitment test (Numerical, Verbal and Diagrammatic Reasoning).
2. Ability to write and answer intelligently (Cover letters, resume and answer interview questions).
3. Then, skill set of such graduate, which the recruiter can only see after either of the 1st 2 points listed above…

And hence, failure to have these abilities may cost you the job.

Let me introduce to you, EdQuipa Jobs Preparatory Software.

EdQuipa Jobs Preparatory Software is a software for candidates preparing for Graduate Recruitment Tests and Interviews.

It has GMAT-type questions, Numerical, Verbal and Diagrammatic Reasoning with answers and explanations, just like what you would have in a real-life graduate recruitment test.

It also has materials that trains one on how to prepare CV/resumes and cover letters. It has a section that covers interview questions and how to answer intelligently.

You would learn how to answer questions like “Can you introduce yourself”, “Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years” among others.

There are also materials on how to know the secret of passing graduate tests; and then how to spot scam jobs.

It has both an Android Phone and Windows Desktop device version. See some screenshots from the app below;

Click this link to visit EdQuipa website to download it and see how it works. After installation, there is a one-off cost of N2,000 for activation to have full access. Steps on how to pay for the activation are given in the app.

You would do well to share with your friends. Once again, click here to visit EdQuipa website to download and access it.

Thanks for taking time to read.

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Isn’t that cool?

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